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Tag: Aerospace and operational physiology
  • Feeling stressed?

    Spring is in the air, and as the weather starts to change, so do our everyday lives. Our to-do lists grow, kids are getting out of school soon, the house needs spring cleaning, tax day is approaching, projects are at work and more.
  • The Phiz Biz: Sun Exposure - Good or Bad?

    Get outside and spend some time in the sun! In addition to being fun, time in the outdoors can do some really positive things for your health. Some of the benefits of sunshine include boosting your mood, calibrating your circadian rhythm and providing your body with a much-needed dose of vitamin D. However, overexposure to sunlight can also pose some very serious health hazards. Knowing the risks (and how to mitigate them) can help you maxim-ize your outdoor enjoyment without jeopardizing your future well-being.
  • How the human body reacts while running

    Do you ever wonder how your body physiologically responds to an exercise such as running? In order for our muscles, cells and organs to work properly our blood must first carry oxygen and nutrients to them. During intense physical activity, the body’s blood flows to our larger muscle groups, which are generally working the hardest.

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