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Tag: resiliency
  • Mental health providers, leadership partner for deployment resiliency, readiness

    Deployed mental health providers work closely with leadership to help maintain warfighter resiliency and readiness. Service members are away from their usual support systems during deployment, and because the environment and stress puts them in unusual situations, they require innovative and flexible forms of mental health care.
  • Deploying mental health care downrange

    Deployed mental health providers play a vital role in delivering medical care downrange, ensuring the health of the warfighter and the mission. Even though service members who deploy are medically ready, both physically and mentally, the rigors of deployment can take a toll.
  • Spirituality gives Airmen a reason to keep going

    Though all four pillars in the Comprehensive Airmen Fitness are needed, the spiritual pillar can help Airmen cope with a bad day or a traumatic life event.
  • It’s all downhill for upbeat Air Force bobsledder

    U.S. Air Force Capt. David Simon is the epitome of the four pillars of Comprehensive Airman Fitness.
  • Million-dollar babies

    When the excitement of the news sank in, the reality of very real health issues set in, which forced Staff Sgt. Susan Edwards-Aagaard, 21st Operations Support Squadron intelligence analyst, to slow down. With her fierce independence, she said she never would have asked for help, but her squadron reached out before she could say one way or the other.
  • Pregnancy saves Airman’s life

    Staff Sgt. Jacquelyn Combs, 21st Force Support Squadron NCO in charge of customer support at the Military Personnel Section here, had more than her share of adversity to battle within her almost decade in the Air Force, but she comes back stronger every time she gets knocked down.
  • Storytellers: Against the Odds

    A few days before Christmas of 2015, Senior Airman Sabra Waggoner, Vosler NCO Academy administrator, walked into her first sergeant’s office and told him she had decided to kill herself. She had been thinking about it and set a date and time. This began a new fight for herself, and she was used to fighting.
  • Storytellers: The grass is greener

    Mras shared a story from her military life as part of the Storytellers event held Nov. 2 at the Peterson Club. She was one of five Airmen, Soldiers and civilians who shared inspirational stories from their lives in front of a live audience.
  • What is the Community Action Information Board?

    Wing leaders continually strive to provide avenues to care for Airmen and their families through a variety of methods, including the Community Action Information Board. The CAIB is a senior leadership body that provides an important opportunity for wing leadership to come together and discuss a wide variety of individual, family, and community

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