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Tag: Storytellers
  • Determined to make a better life

    Growing up in Gilroy, California, she had everything a girl could wish for: money, designer clothes and so much more. Shortly after high school graduation, her father took everything from her and kicked her to the streets.
  • Looking toward the future

    “I believe your past does not define you. It’s how you overcome that does.”
  • A life pushed to the limit

    In 2011, Master Sgt. Jeff Roberts, National Security Space Institute flight chief for Space 300, volunteered to be stationed at Thule Air Base, Greenland, on a one-year assignment. He went there not knowing what was about to happen in his personal life.
  • Storytellers: Against the Odds

    A few days before Christmas of 2015, Senior Airman Sabra Waggoner, Vosler NCO Academy administrator, walked into her first sergeant’s office and told him she had decided to kill herself. She had been thinking about it and set a date and time. This began a new fight for herself, and she was used to fighting.
  • Storytellers: The grass is greener

    Mras shared a story from her military life as part of the Storytellers event held Nov. 2 at the Peterson Club. She was one of five Airmen, Soldiers and civilians who shared inspirational stories from their lives in front of a live audience.

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