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Some IDs invalid for base access beginning August 15

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- People holding IDs from Minnesota, Missouri, Washington and American Samoa may not be able to access Air Force installations beginning August 15.

The change in access policy brings Peterson Air Force Base in line with the Real ID Act of 2005. The Act meets recommendations of the 9/11 Commission for the federal government to establish baselines with regard to the issuance of identification cards like driver’s licenses.

On Aug. 15 the third phase of the Act begins, mandating that driver’s licenses from states that do not comply with Real ID requirements are not acceptable as the sole source of confirming a person’s identification.

“The law states that if an individual desiring base access presents a non-compliant license, then access will be denied unless an approved alternative ID is utilized,” said Tim Omdal, deputy director, 21st Security Forces Squadron. The alternate documents include a U.S. Passport or original birth certificate.

For people with a driver’s license from other states, or with the enhanced version from Minnesota or Washington, it will be business as usual in accessing the base. The biggest impact will be for family members or base residents who want to have unescorted guests. For example, Omdal said if someone wanted to have parents who live in Missouri come visit and have unescorted access to base, they need to have one of the acceptable alternate documents to verify identification.

Long distance truck drivers and delivery drivers with licenses from non-compliant states will need acceptable identification too. If they do not, they will have to contact who they are delivering to and have an escort sent to the gate to meet them, or they will be turned away.

License holders from one of the non-compliant areas will be affected the same way when attempting to access Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station.

“Just like at Peterson, it will only effect people with licenses from the four non-compliant areas,” said Chief Master Sgt. Sean Naglic, 721st SFS. “They have to have an acceptable ID to have unescorted access.”

Naglic said the Mountain doesn’t have many visitors who are unescorted or who do not already have a military ID. Like Peterson, delivery drivers will probably face the biggest challenge and will be turned away without acceptable alternate documentation.

Those seeking unescorted access on special event Entry Authorization Lists and have licenses from one of the non-compliant areas need to make sure proper alternate documentation is in hand to prevent missing out on the event.

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