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Combating Trafficking in Persons

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Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado -- The majority of people believe human trafficking only exists overseas. The reality is trafficking in persons is happening in our own backyard. In 2014, the Colorado Springs Police Department developed a team focused on investigating human trafficking. In addition to arresting "johns" and "pimps", the unit has released identifying information of arrested offenders to the media for public dissemination.

Human Trafficking is the illegal movement of people, typically for the purposes of forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation. There are many different types of trafficking such as forced labor, women for sexual exploitation, commercial sexual exploitation of children and trafficking for tissue, cells and organs. The most common form of TIP in the United States involves the trafficking women for sexual exploitation. An example of this form of TIP would include prostitution controlled by pimps. The majority of pimps date their victims prior to exploiting them and convince them they are in love. Pimps pamper their victims with expensive jewelry and clothes so the victims feel like they owe them. After the pimp exercises emotional control over their victims, they feel trapped and comply with their pimp's demands. These demands typically include having sex for their pimp's personal gain to keep the relationship in good standing.

The Wing has implemented the Air Force's Combating Trafficking in Persons program, managed by the 21st Security Forces Investigations section. The primary focus of CTIP is to spread awareness of human trafficking and the importance of prevention. To report incidents of human trafficking, contact the 21st Security Forces Investigations section at 556-7060.

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