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Tierra Vista to implement utility changes

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- In line with recent Department of Defense and Air Force policy, Tierra Vista Communities is implementing the Air Force changes to the Utility Allowance Program in Peterson AFB Housing.

Per the updated program, residents of TVC who moved in prior to June 13 will continue to receive the 10 percent buffer that is added to the baseline until June 2017 or until they move out. With the buffer, if a resident is within 10 percent of the calculated averages, they will not have a charge for additional usage on their bill.

Residents who moved in after June 13 will not receive the 10 percent buffer.
"This change will help TVC to continue to incentivize residents to conserve energy while providing TVC the ability to put more funds back into improving our homes and neighborhoods," said Col. Doug Schiess, 21st Space Wing commander.

The new Air Force program changes the way costs are calculated. According to a letter mailed out to all residents, the UA was calculated annually based on 110 percent of a five-year historical average for consumption in homes with similar characteristics (bedrooms, square footage, bathrooms).

The new UA will be based on monthly, average meter readings in like-type homes. This eliminates the need for a buffer, which was in place to account for weather and other anomalies that factored in the 5-year historical average calculation.

“There are several advantages to the new way calculations take place,” said Jerry Schmitz, Senior Vice President and Regional General Manager. “Real-time monthly averages are used by the other services and eliminates the need for buffering against weather and rate changes.”

In addition to using current data, the average energy consumption will be better. Averages will exclude the top 10 percent and bottom 10 percent of energy consumers in like type homes. They will also exclude vacant homes.

Schmitz added that residents who are below the average will still receive a rebate, residents at the average will not be charged and those who are above the average will be responsible for the additional usage.

“Any increases will be minimal and it encourages residents to conserve important resources,” Schmitz said about the change.

Here is the timeline for the rollout:

- July 23: Residents receive the final legacy UA statements
- Aug. 23: Residents begin receiving new UA statements
- June 2, 2017: All residents fall under the new UA with no buffer

For questions, or to request more information, contact TVC at 719-597-7200.

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