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Attention Airmen athletes: teams looking to beef up rosters

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- If you’ve got game, it’s time to bring it out. The Air Force Services Agency is looking for top notch athletes to represent the Air Force in various fields of competition.

“It’s a higher level of competition,” said Roger Hill, 21st Space Wing Fitness & Sports manager. “It’s well above intramurals, somewhere between college and the pros.”

There is a long list of sports supported by the Air Force, such as wrestling, soccer, running, swimming, rugby and shooting. More urgency is placed on tennis, men’s and women’s softball, and men’s basketball because application deadlines are approaching soon.

“It’s a good opportunity for guys and girls. It’s like a feeder program to the Olympics,” Hill said.

Interested Airmen must fill out Air Force form 303, a document Hill called a resume covering the applicants’ athletic accomplishments.

“It’s a bragging paper,” he said. “If you’ve been captain of a team, if you have a state record… it’s a boast to send to the agency.”

What the agency is looking for are athletes who have competed at a higher level, above intramurals, said Tech. Sgt. Trymond Rubin, Air Force Fitness and Sports program manager.

“Intramurals can be on the application, but they need something more,” Rubin said. “Things like national events or playing on the (base) varsity team.” College-level experience or participation in international sporting events are valuable experiences as well.

Rubin suggests applications be thorough and include as much information as possible.

“The main thing if they are thinking of trying out is to be detailed,” Rubin said. “Include references and newspaper articles if they have those. Put as much detail as possible, it’s like a resume, so the more detail the better.”

The final number of team members for any given sport is limited, for example only 10 golfers make the final cut, but that should not discourage anyone from sending in an application.

“We take the best applications possible, so we can have a hundred or more,” said Rubin.

He said the agency is also looking for experienced coaches. Anyone with experience should submit a form depicting their coaching roles and accomplishments.

Hill said gaining fame at a higher level doesn’t just bring glory to athletes, but it brings glory to their bases as well.

“If they are acknowledged at the Air Force level, then we do too, as a base, at conferences and events,” Hill said.

Deadlines are quickly approaching for certain sports. Applications for tennis are due July 15, men’s and women’s softball July 18, and men’s basketball by Sept. 27.

For more information about applying or trying out for Peterson varsity teams, contact Roger Hill at 719-556-8069.

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