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Colorado drug laws do not apply to you

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- Although Colorado has legalized marijuana and spice (synthetic cannabinoids/marijuana), the Air Force has not. Service members are still subject to the Air Force's "Zero Tolerance" policy, regardless of the state in which you are stationed. The Air Force Drug Testing program still screens for marijuana and spice, and the Air Force still prosecutes for marijuana and spice.

"The bottom line is that illegal drug use is punishable under Article 112a of the Uniform Code of Military Justice," said Capt. Doug Newborn, assistant Staff Judge Advocate at the 21st Space Wing Legal Office.

In the last two weeks, two active duty military members stationed at Peterson Air Force Base were convicted of illegal drug use. The first case involved an Airman assigned to the 561st Network Operations Squadron who smoked marijuana while on leave. He was prosecuted through a summary court martial and reduced in rank to E-1, ordered to forfeit $1,010 pay per month for one month, and was sentenced to seven days in confinement.

The second case involved an Airman assigned to the 21st Security Forces Squadron who smoked spice multiple times while on and off duty. He was prosecuted through a special court martial and reduced in rank to E-1, ordered to forfeit $1,010 pay per month for five months, was sentenced to five months in confinement, and was given a bad conduct discharge.

"These sentences emphasize Air Force policy, drug use simply cannot, and will not, be tolerated," Newborn said. "Please don't be the next person to show up in the courtroom."

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