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New Air Force Inspection System arrives at Peterson

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- The Air Force recently implemented a new inspection system, aimed at giving more inspection responsibilities to wing commanders. The new AFIS is described in AFI 90 201, The Air Force Inspection System. Here is a brief overview of the new system.

The AFIS empowers the wing commander to run the wing's inspection system. Each commander in the wing focuses on improving mission effectiveness every day, balancing resources and risks. The AFIS allows commanders to concentrate on mission readiness instead of inspection readiness. The goal of the AFIS is to make major command inspector general inspections a nonevent, just part of the daily battle rhythm of continuous improvement.

Inspection is an inherent function of command, exercised at every level to evaluate readiness, economy, efficiency and state of discipline. Inspections are the responsibility of commanders at all levels in accordance with Title 10 U.S. Code § 8583, Requirement of Exemplary Conduct. Inspections are conducted by a commander or on behalf of a commander, on subordinate units/organizations. Inspections are performed by authorities inside the inspected unit (internal inspections) and outside the inspected unit (external inspections). Units will be inspection ready when commanders focus on mission readiness and on building a culture of disciplined compliance in which every Airman does his or her job right the first time and when no one is looking.

As the Air Force grows leaner, the importance of eliminating waste and increasing efficiency grows more necessary. As the AFIS evolves, senior Air Force leaders are confident the program will reduce man-hours significantly.

Under the previous inspection system, major commands would send their IG along with dozens of functional inspection teams to verify how ready that unit is and how compliant they are. In the new system, major commands will validate how well the unit is finding and fixing its own problems.

It's good to ask questions. When you have questions about new terminology associated with the AFIS, contact the 21st SW/IG office at 556-2104. There are many new terms including Commander's Inspection Program; new MGAs of Managing Resources, Leading People, Improving the Unit, and Executing the Mission; CCIRs, vertical inspections, horizontal inspections, MICT for self assessment, IGEMS for external assessments, HHQ SACs, the wing inspection team, and CIMB for inspection management.

The ultimate goal in the IG is to strengthen and improve the wing and the IG team appreciates all the wing members who devote their energies to finding and fixing problems in their units.

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