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What to do when you forget your ID

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- Security forces has noticed an increase in personnel who approach the installation gates without proper identification to enter. They've usually forgotten their ID at their duty location, or they left it at home.

Personnel that have restricted area badges have been trying to use their badges as a form of ID to enter the installation. The restricted area badge is not intended for this type of identification or access. The 21st Space Wing procedures for installation entry have been outlined in the Installation Defense Plan and have been in effect for quite some time. In accordance with the IDP, the restricted area badge is used on Peterson to grant unescorted access to restricted areas only. Additionally, the badge will not be used outside of the restricted or controlled area for any purpose, including for base access or for identification purposes.

Local procedures state if a person forgets their ID card off the installation, they will be required to either get their entry credential or have someone with a valid base access identification card sponsor them on to the installation. The IDP further states that during duty hours, the visitor control center staff will verify, via DBIDS system, whether the individual is authorized installation access. For military personnel, the VCC will contact the individual's first sergeant or supervisor for additional verification. For civilian personnel the VCC will contact the individual's security manager or supervisor to verify access is still authorized. Once verified, the individual will be issued a visitor pass.

When the VCC is closed, the installation entry controller will verify the individual through the DBIDS system located at the west gate only. Once verified a temporary pass will be issued to the individual not to exceed 12 hours. Individuals not able to be verified through DBIDS will need to have their ID brought to them if the ID is on base. All temporary passes must be returned to either the VCC or the west gate.

For more information about base access, contact the VCC at 556-6660.

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