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Cop’s Corner

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- During January, the 21st Security Forces Squadron, along with facility parking wardens, issued 179 traffic citations. Offenses included failing to stop and excessive speed, as well as driving without valid registration, license plates and driver's licenses. Drivers were suspended for various offenses including unlawfully using a cell phone and DUI.

Tip of the Month (Traffic) - Remember that when operating a vehicle on Peterson AFB, drivers must be lawfully licensed for the class of vehicle they are operating, and must not be under suspension or revocation in any state. Additionally, operators (whether owners of the vehicle or simply borrowing it) must possess, and produce upon request to law enforcement the following documents: proof of vehicle ownership or registration (as required by the issuing state); a valid state license*; a valid record of safety inspection when required by the state; and proof of insurance.

*An international driver's license is recognized and accepted on Peterson in accordance with Colorado law. Additionally, Colorado law allows nonresident active-duty members of the U.S. armed forces with a valid driver's license issued by U.S. armed forces in a foreign country (such as a U.S. Army Europe license) to operate a motor vehicle in Colorado for a period of 45 days after the licensee has returned to the United States.

Calls for Service - Security Forces responded to about 220 calls for service during December, including:
- 45 human error alarm activations
- 14 medical responses
- 1 response regarding a found weapon (privately owned firearm)
- 1 response for DUI at the west gate

Tip of the Month (Crime Prevention) - Be on the lookout for suspicious activity, whether it is a suspicious vehicle that seems out of place, or an individual appearing to watch base entry procedures. Don't wait until you get to work to ask others if they saw it too. Report suspicious activity immediately to security forces at 556-4000.

Off Base Incidents - Security forces received notification of some off base arrests or incidents involving military members or government property. These included one incident of DUI.

Security forces also conducted 364 community policing patrols such as walkthroughs of dormitories, the fitness center, etc.

Security forces would also like drivers to consider using the east or west gates when entering the installation during delayed reporting. The north gate sees a high volume of traffic during these times, and your 21st SFS encourages the use of alternate gates.

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