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Air Force Assistance Fund kicks-off campaign

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- To reach fundraising goals, the Air Force Assistance Fund will kick-off its annual campaign at 8 a.m. March 21 at The Club.

The breakfast will introduce new members to the program and also encourage past donors to continue their contributions. AFAF raises a majority of its funds from contributions by current Air Force personnel. The goal for this year is 25 percent participation by all employees. To meet the goal, all unit project managers will be contacting personnel in their unit.

"We will be working toward 100 percent contact," said Lt. Col. Brady Fischer, 21st Logistics Readiness Squadron commander and this year's AFAF lead here. "Talking to individuals is the most effective way to encourage participation."

The AFAF funds four main programs: Air Force Village, the Air Force Aid Society, the General and Mrs. Curtis Lemay Foundation, and the Air Force Enlisted Village. The program most current Airmen are familiar with is the AFAS - the main safety net for active duty Airmen experiencing hardship. When a car breaks, a rent check is due, or emergency travel is necessary, the AFAS can either make an interest-free loan or outright grant.

"As a first lieutenant stationed at Guam, I used AFAS funds to travel home when my wife's grandmother passed away. It was important for my family to be at the funeral and AFAS helped us get home," said Fischer.

Funds are also used in indirect ways by providing care packages for families with new babies, child care for families during a move, and even college scholarships to eligible students.

"The main reason personnel should consider giving to AFAF is their programs directly impact local Airmen," said Fisher. "All the money we raise comes right back to us."

Airmen can choose to donate through one-time cash donation or though ongoing payroll deductions. To get involved, see your local unit project manager for the AFAF campaign.

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