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New AFI enhances readiness

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- A newly adopted Air Force Instruction offers a formalized framework to develop resiliency in Airmen.

The Comprehensive Airman Fitness program, outlined in the newly published AFI 90-506, addresses resilience in individuals, families and communities across the Air Force. It also approaches fitness as a combination of mental, physical, spiritual and social readiness.

"Comprehensive Airman Fitness is a philosophy and not a program," said Bev Price, 21st Space Wing community support coordinator. "It is an approach to balance the demands of personal and professional life and helps create optimism."

The wingman concept will be taken further with the new AFI. Airmen will now be required to complete four hours of resiliency training during each calendar year and participate in two wingman days.

Wingman days are designed to allow Airmen a chance to receive necessary training then break for a service project or fun, organized activity. The purpose is to get to know one another outside of the work environment and address the pillars of wellness.

"Wingman days give Airmen a chance to pause in their daily activities to get to know each other better," said Price. "With more interaction comes camaraderie which helps build unit wellness."

The next 21st Space Wing wingman day is scheduled for May 15 and will be held in conjunction with the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response down day, in order to increase cohesiveness and discussion within units.

This year, many wingman days will be facilitated by the new master resiliency trainers. These unit trainers help Airmen at Peterson learn skills that aid in situational awareness and develop decision making.

Peterson has many master resiliency trainers assigned to several units across the installation including the 21st Communications Squadron, which holds resiliency trainings in compliance with the new AFI. Master Sgt. Americo Galdeano 721st Communications Squadron Plans Branch NCOIC, became involved when his unit nominated him to attend one of the first courses offered on stress management.

"I found the skills learned during the training to be highly effective," said Galdeano. "Being able to find your own strengths to get through the daily grind is the key to staying resilient."

Galdeano's enthusiasm has carried him forward to become a master resiliency trainer for his unit where he conducts training for incoming Airmen.

"Training incoming Airmen on these skills is important to me," Galdeano continued. "People work better as a team, and Wingman day and skills training reinforce social interaction that is so important for Airman Fitness and our overall well-being."

The Air Force has recognized that resiliency and readiness often starts at home. The new AFI specifically includes key spouses as personnel that require training. These spouses are the conduit for communication between unit commanders and unit's families.

To optimize fitness and readiness at work, home and the community, trained key spouses equip families with tools to use at home. Families can practice wingman concepts together to strengthen readiness. The recent camps for military children have been giving aspects of resiliency training for military children.

"Kids also need resiliency skills for when Mom or Dad deploy," said Price. "When the family all speaks the same lingo it helps reinforce the skills needed for resiliency. The language of resilience can be a common thread within families to help them cope. It also helps reinforce these skills and makes them second nature when used on a daily basis."

"The Air Force is a 24/7 operation. You live and breathe it and adjusting to the lifestyle can be hard for everyone; resiliency can help," said Price.

For more information on resiliency training and Wingman day, contact Price at 556-6768.

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