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AFPAAS critical to accountability, support after disasters

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- When a natural disaster or emergency situation occurs in your area, the Air Force accountability system allows unit leaders to stay connected and ensure that all members and their families are safe and accounted for.

What is AFPAAS?
Pronounced 'af-pass', the Air Force Personnel Accountability and Assessment System standardizes a method for the Air Force to account, assess, manage, and monitor the recovery and reconstitution process for personnel and their families affected by a wide-spread catastrophic event. AFPAAS provides valuable information to all levels of the Air Force chain of command, allowing commanders to make strategic decisions which facilitate a return to stability.

"The devastation and impact to service members and their families following the Oklahoma City tornados in May and the Black Forest Fire in Colorado last June, reinforces the importance of accountability of all Air Force personnel," said Tech Sgt. Maria Osborn, Air Force Space Command AFPAAS representative.

Knowing where everyone is and their status is critical during times of emergency, identifying missing personnel or family members is a very time-sensitive matter when dealing with a search and rescue situation.

"Personnel accountability for daily operations and disasters helps ensure member safety and keeps leadership appraised of the location and status of Airmen at all times," said Osborn.

When real world disasters occur or during accountability exercises, senior Air Force leaders, through the Air Force Watch or Air Force Crisis Action Team, may direct 100 percent accountability of all personnel residing in the area, on leave or TDY. This includes accountability for immediate family members, regardless of the Airman's current location.

How does AFPAAS work?
AFPAAS is a web-based application developed to quickly obtain personnel accountability and report it to the Personnel Accountability Reporting System. AFPAAS also provides a tool for all personnel, including active-duty Airmen, selected Reserve members, Department of the Air Force and non-appropriated fund civilian employees, Air Force contractors overseas, and family members affected by disasters, to report immediate disaster relief and family assistance needs associated with the event.

In accordance with AFI 36-3803, all Total Force Airmen are expected to ensure their sponsor and family member's accountability data is current. All Airmen are responsible for letting their commanders know if they have dependents in the affected area, and also need to update AFPAAS if their dependents depart that region.

When and how to use AFPAAS?
When directed by the AFWATCH or AFCAT, major commands will notify subordinate units to direct all affected personnel to log into AFPAAS by computer or smartphone at or through the Air Force Portal,, and account for themselves and their family members.

Members who do not have access to a computer or are unable to contact their unit control center or command representative should contact the Air Force Personnel Center Personnel Readiness Cell at 800-435-9941 or DSN 665-2020.

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