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Recycling helps Peterson AFB be environmentally friendly

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- Recycling is a big part of life on Peterson Air Force Base and helps to reduce the ecological footprint of those living and working on base. The services help reduce waste sent to landfills and the costs associated with it.

There are many places around base to recycle. Containers are provided for Peterson personnel in each facility, dumpsters are located throughout the base, and there is a recycling yard at the corner of Ent and Goodfellow streets.

The recycling yard provides additional recycling opportunities including separate containers for plastic, aluminum and tin, paper, cardboard and glass.

Glass is a particularly popular recyclable item. However, Airmen should remember the only recyclable glass allowed to be put in the dumpster is clean, washed out bottles and jars. Any other glass items cannot be easily recycled and therefore need to go to a landfill.
Containers are also provided for electronic items including TVs, computers, monitors, cell phones, and video equipment. Over 95 percent of these items are recyclable once disassembled.

Airmen can help achieve recycling goals by doing the following:

1. Do not take electronics home to remove the recyclables and return the unusable material back to base.
2. Only put clean bottles and jars in the glass recycling container in the recycle yard.
3. Flatten cardboard boxes before putting them in the dumpster.
4. Do not leave furniture (including mattresses), appliances, pallets and other used wood on the ground within the recycling area.
5. Do not leave used oil, paint, solvents, fuel, grease or any other hazardous materials in the recycle area.

For hazardous materials, Airmen can go to the Household Hazardous Waste Facility at 3255 Akers Drive, Colorado Springs, or call at 719-520-7878. They are also able to provide information about the wide variety of items that can be recycled.

Any questions about the recycling program at Peterson can be directed to Phil Chase at 719-556-7707.

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