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NORAD Road restricted access

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- As the weather heats up and people participate in outdoor activities more, Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station officials are sending out a reminder of the longstanding rules for using NORAD Road at Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station.

NORAD Road is federal property and is jointly patrolled by the Colorado Springs Police Department and the CMAFS security forces. According to a 2002 agreement between the Secretary of the Air Force and the City of Colorado Springs, NORAD Road is restricted to official government business traffic, emergency vehicles and Broadmoor Bluffs residents and their guests in private passenger vehicles up to 12,000 pounds driving to and from Highway 115 only. 

Walking, bicycling, hiking, skateboarding and other non-vehicle traffic are strictly prohibited and considered trespassing. Commercial vehicles are prohibited, unless on official government business at the request of Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station. 

Increased patrols will be visible in the area, issuing tickets for use of the road for anything other than official business and resident's vehicles accessing Broadmoor Bluffs.

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