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Every day is Wingman Day

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- The 21st Space Wing will host its Spring 2015 Wingman Day May 29. Air Force units conduct Wingman Day twice a year to give Airmen time to refocus on core values, enhance resilience skills, and further develop and maintain trusted, valued relationships with fellow Airmen through team-building activities and squadron events.

Comprehensive Airman Fitness is not a program; it is a lifestyle for Airmen, including civilian employees, and their families. A more comprehensive focus on fitness - physical, social, mental and spiritual - makes Airmen better equipped to tackle challenges in their personal and professional lives. Military members face a range of challenges, including high operational tempo, deployments, recurrent change and the requirement to maintain high personal and professional standards of conduct. The goal of CAF Resilience Training is to increase proactive coping, self-management and leadership skills to enhance individual resilience. Cultivating these skills will enable the Air Force to maintain a cadre of balanced, healthy, self-confident Airmen and family members who rely on physical, mental, spiritual and social fitness to effectively manage stressors associated with military service.

Knowing how to find the right resources to help others - and yourself - is fundamental to being a good Wingman. The online Wingman Toolkit has resources, videos, stories, and more information about resilience skills. To view the toolkit visit

For more information, call 556-6768 or email

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