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Deli-bakery contract awarded for 44 commissaries

FORT LEE, Va. -- A new contractor will start taking over deli-bakery operations next month at 44 U.S. commissaries impacted since the end of February, when contractor-provided services ended due to former contractor performance issues.

"I'm pleased to announce that Military Deli and Bakery Services, Inc., has been awarded the contract and this will allow us to transition these stores back to contractor-operated deli-bakeries," said Joseph Jeu, DeCA director and CEO.

Since the end of February, the commissary agency has been providing limited deli-bakery services at all the commissaries except Fort Sill, Oklahoma. This was done primarily by hiring many of the former contractor's employees on temporary appointments as government employees to provide the services.

Starting June 1, MDBS will begin taking over the deli-bakery operations in a phased roll out that includes restoration of fresh sushi bars at stores that offer this service. The deli-bakery roll out is expected to be complete by the end of the month, while the sushi bar roll-out is expected to be complete by mid-July.

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