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Don’t be a no-show

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colorado -- The goal at the 21st Medical Group is to meet the healthcare needs of you and your family by providing the best possible medical care and access to services.

In order to provide the appointments needed for enrolled patients and their families, the medical group needs your help in preventing no-shows. Last minute cancellations or not showing up for scheduled appointments have a negative impact on everyone's access to services and can adversely affect the readiness mission.

In 2014, there were 6,823 missed appointments at the 21st MDG, valued at more than $1.3 million. So far in 2015, there have been 2,977 missed appointments valued at more than $595,000. This value not only represents lost productivity, but also significant wasted resources that could be better used elsewhere. We understand that unforeseen circumstances may sometimes occur resulting in missed appointments, but when you "no show" for an appointment it can not only negatively affect your medical readiness, but also prevents your family or colleagues from getting a needed appointment, perhaps for an urgent issue.

To decrease the amount of no-shows, the Colorado Springs Military Health System appointment reminder system calls patients two days prior to their scheduled appointment. If you get this call and you no longer need the appointment, please let us know so we can make that appointment available to someone else.

Please note, however, that it uses the most current phone numbers listed in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System, so it is critical to update your local phone number in DEERS. You can update your information by contacting the Military Personnel Service at 556-0008 to schedule an appointment, or just by visiting the MPS in building 350, room 1073. You can also update family members' information that are enrolled on milConnect at

Help us take care of you and your family by canceling at least two hours in advance so that your appointment can be offered to another patient. You can cancel by contacting the central appointments line at 524-CARE/526-CARE, or if you have a TRICARE Online account you can cancel your appointment online 24-7 at

As we improve our processes, we welcome your feedback. To provide feedback, contact Maj. Brandi Foster, 21st MDG group practice manager, at 556-6068 or

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