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Official use of government vehicles

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- Have you ever found yourself wondering what Government Motor Vehicles can and cannot be used for? What constitutes "official use" and what will lead to a phone call from the 21st Logistics Readiness Squadron asking the question "why was your GMV at the commissary?"

This article is designed to help determine how to use GMVs in accordance with public law and regulations to keep you and your unit out of hot water.

With the vehicle fleet dwindling each and every year and with a zero growth policy enacted, it's imperative that all government vehicles are only used for official business. We rely on GMVs to accomplish the Air Force mission and generally most users follow official use guidelines, however, on occasion, a member will use a GMV for something that does not further the Air Force's mission. This may be caused to the member's lack of awareness.

All personnel must ask themselves four very important questions when determining if use of a GMV is considered official use. Is the purpose of this trip official? Does this trip have potential for negative perception of the AF? Will this trip impact mission requirements? Is there commercial or DoD scheduled transportation available?

The answer to these questions will usually determine the right thing to do, however the following additional guidance can assist Airmen to make the right decisions.

Temporary Duty Personnel: Transportation may be provided between lodging and duty stations for personnel on temporary duty when public or commercial resources are inadequate or nonexistent. The temporary duty status of an individual does not necessarily justify the use of a DoD motor vehicle. Use of the vehicle will always be predicated on need, distance involved, and other conditions to justify their use. If off-base for sustenance, restrict GMV use to reputable establishments in response to proximity to the installation.

Unauthorized Use by TDY Personnel: Use of government motor vehicles for transportation to or from off-base entertainment or recreational facilities.

Authorized Uses by TDY Personnel: Between temporary lodging and places of business, on-base non-appropriated fund activity facilities, on-base facility required for the comfort or health of the member (i.e., AAFES, clubs, barber/beauty shops, places of worship, laundry facilities, etc.), and on-/off base eating establishments, but off-base establishments must be reputable and within reasonable proximity to the installation.

While operating a GMV, do NOT:
- Take a trip to your home, or your private residence on or off base
- Take it to any eating establishment for your or anyone else's personal convenience (Exceptions: emergency response vehicle; command and control vehicle; TDY, field work, and off-base work site personnel)
- Transport any unofficial personnel or deviate routes to accommodate transportation of space available passengers
- Make a quick stop to run an errand i.e. stop at an ATM machine or check mail (exceptions: command and control vehicle; TDY personnel)
- Take vehicle to an official location to facilitate partial domicile-to-duty transportation or to circumvent any other official use guideline
- Break any traffic laws

Remember GMVs are only used to accomplish and advance the Air Force mission and not for personal convenience or comfort. All instances of suspected abuse must be investigated by 21st LRS. If/when questioned regarding official use, remember personnel are only doing their job as required by Air Force Instruction 24-301. The operator's responsibility is to provide justification for use.

For further information or questions regarding GMV official use contact the 21st Logistics Readiness Squadron, Joseph Varvaro at 719-556-7805 or DSN: 834-7805.

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