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PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- During October, the 21st Security Forces Squadron, along with facility parking wardens issued 42 traffic citations. Parking violations comprised of the majority of the citations, followed by speed infractions. Drivers were suspended for excessive speed and for driving without a valid license.

Traffic Information ¬- Have you ever noticed vehicles pulled to the side at the installation's gates? This could be one of our many measures to increase the safety and security of the installation. Security Forces members, often accompanied by military working dogs, conduct frequent random installation entry and exit checks. Not only do we make sure a driver and their vehicle are properly credentialed to access the installation, but we also make sure no contraband is permitted to enter or exit the installation. If you are stopped by a Security Forces member and asked to consent to a random check you should proceed to the designated lane, turn off your engine, and follow the instructions of the member. This usually will include exiting the vehicle after opening all compartments of the vehicle, to include the glove compartment and the trunk. The process of the check only takes minutes and the occupants are soon on their way. Refusing to consent to this type of a check can have several consequences. This could include a loss of installation driving privileges as well as a debarment. Under certain circumstances, Security Forces may use a reasonable amount of force to examine the vehicle. The goal of this program is to safe-guard the installation and to protect government property. We greatly appreciate your assistance in keeping Peterson AFB the best place to live, work, and visit.

Calls for Service - Security Forces responded to about 136 calls for service during October, including:
- 60 alarm responses
- 10 medical responses
- 5 motor vehicle accidents

Seeing Something Suspicious? Report it Now - Each of us has a responsibility when it comes to public safety, and reporting suspicious activity is as important than ever. Perhaps more important than reporting something suspicious is reporting the activity immediately. It is difficult to investigate a situation once time has passed and the suspicious person has departed the area. We realize you don't want to seem alarmist, and though you may feel the need to run the scenario by a friend, co-worker, or supervisor, we urge you not to wait. Report the activity immediately to law enforcement. Know the contact information for your local police department or sheriff's office. Situations that should be reported include unattended items and vehicles parked in odd or unauthorized areas.

Additionally, a person asking questions about security procedures, assigned personnel, or operations should raise suspicion. Finally, surveillance of the installation or facilities is reason for concern. This could take place in the manner of loitering, photography, note-taking, etc. When contacting law enforcement report the location and your call-back number immediately. Describe the activity you've observed, including the number and a description of the suspicious individual(s). Note any vehicle descriptions, including a license plate number. Stay on the telephone with law enforcement personnel until they release you. Remember; don't hesitate to report suspicious activity. Let law enforcement personnel decide whether the situation is merely a coincidence.

Your immediate notification could thwart criminal or terrorist activity and save lives. If the activity is occurring on or near Peterson AFB, contact Security Forces at 556-4000.

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