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Paper Recycling at Peterson Air Force Base

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- "I thought paper could be recycled?" The 21 CES Environmental Team hears this a lot.  And yes, in a typical recycling world, paper is a great candidate for recycling. But here at Peterson AFB we have a 100% shred policy. 

Shredded paper in its 1/4-inch wide strips and pulverized paper (fine dust) clogs the recycling machinery. The entire recycling operation has to be shut down and cleaned out. In addition, the recycling facility policy is to turn away any trucks bringing shredded or pulverized paper to the facility. When this occurs, all of our recycling efforts on the truck end up in the landfill.

To avoid losing our recycling efforts we ask that all shredded and pulverized paper be put in the landfill dumpsters. In addition, we request all plastic bags be put in the landfill dumpsters. When you bring recyclables to the recycle dumpster, open the plastic bag and dump your recyclables in the dumpster.

Top non-recycling items found in our recycle dumpsters are: 
- Shredded and pulverized paper
- Styrofoam
- Plastic bags  

If funding becomes available in the future, we will establish a separate paper recycling program to take our shredded and pulverized paper to a composting facility.

If you have any questions, please contact Phil Chase, PAFB Pollution Prevention Manager, 556-7707.

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