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Fiscal year end not far away

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- They say, "time flies when you're having fun." We must be having a great time since fiscal year-end is just around the corner. Yes, it is that time of year again -- time to remind our valued customers of the upcoming deadlines for all fiscal year-end purchase requirements.

Every year at this time, the 21st Contracting Squadron is inundated with a variety of purchase requests. For efficient processing, it is in the customer's best interest to ensure requirements packages are complete before submitting to 21st CONS. We are committed to satisfying all customers' requirements, and our goal is to always spend all money with integrity and competence. During fiscal year end, it is imperative we get ahead of the game by establishing target dates for receipt of purchase requests. Target dates allow us to purchase current funded requirements while posturing ourselves for expenditures of possible fall-out funds in the last few days of the fiscal year. Timely and accurately submission of customer's requirements will increase the opportunity for purchase approval on the unfunded requirements list and subsequent procurement.

Customers should contact 21st CONS for coordination once a requirement is determined. Please do not wait until funding is received to contact us. [Note: The 21st SW Financial Management Board will only consider those unfunded 21st Space Wing requirements which have been coordinated with 21st CONS to ensure executability.] Customers need to provide a detailed description of the requested item or service, the cost estimate for the item or service and a suggested source. If the requirement is for a service $150,000 or greater, a requirements approval document is required. Customers should seek guidance from AFI 63-138 for information on the RAD process. Thorough descriptions and accurate cost estimates ensure 21st CONS can effectively compete the item or service required. 21st CONS then determines the "best value" based on the offers received from various vendors and contractors. The quality of the requirement package directly affects the quality of the offers received from industry.

In an effort to better serve our customers, we have developed a list of "deadline" dates for requirements packages to ensure sufficient time to meet customers' needs in a fiscally responsible manner. By providing these key dates, we anticipate eliminating potential delays customers could experience as the fiscal year-end approaches.

· April 1 for Architect and Engineering (A&E) Delivery Orders, and for Technical Services requirements more than $10 million for award against Technical and Advisory and Assistance Services (TA2S) or the General Services Administration One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS) contracts.

· June 1 for NetCENTS packages and for technical services requirements less than $10 million for award TA2S or OASIS.

· June 1 for AF Forms 9 more than $150,000, except AFWAY Quarterly Enterprise Buy, unless otherwise specified by or agreed to by your contracting officer.

· July 13 for all AF Forms 9 using GSA Schedules and for AF Forms 9 between $25,000 and $150,000, except AFWAY QEB.

· Aug. 3 for AF Forms 9 between $2,500 and $25,000, except AFWAY QEB.

· Aug. 17 for all AFWAY QEB AF Forms 9.

· Aug. 22 Cut-off for Simplified Acquisition of Base Engineer Requirements (SABER) projects.

AF Forms 9 for modifications to specialized contracts, i.e. SSPARS, GEODSS, Thule BMC, PARCS, NORAD/USNORTHCOM IT O&M, and Technical Services not using GSA, OASIS or TA2S, customers should coordinate with 21st CONS as soon as the need is identified.

For information on government purchase card actions through close of business Sept. 30, contact the unit's group resource advisor and wing budget analyst to understand the documentation and actions required.

For information technology customers the following applies:

(1) Hardware: In accordance with AFI 33-153, Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM), March 19, 2014, all AF IT hardware (including PWCS) will be procured using applicable AF Information Technology Commodity Council enterprise buying programs via AFWay at, (e.g. Quarterly Enterprise Buy [QEB], Digital Printing & Imaging [DPI], Cellular Services & Devices BPAs). All AF IT hardware not purchased through AFWay, are mandated to use the NETCENTS-2 contract. 21st CONS is in the approval process. All IT requirements must be coordinated with the appropriate functional level (i.e., the Communications Squadron (or equivalent) at base level, A2/3/6 at AFSPC level) prior to submitting a request for a contract action. Also, for Fiscal Year (FY) 2016, an approval memorandum signed off by the Wing Commander or AFSPC/A2/3/6 for laptop and desktop computer purchases is required. The IT equipment must be deemed mission essential and comply with the "AF Spending Policy for Laptop and Desktop Computers" memorandum signed by SAF/CIO A6 on 15 Sep 2015. Contact the Base Equipment Control Office (BECO) at 556-6313 for assistance.

(2) Software: All AF software will be procured using applicable AF enterprise buying programs, AF Enterprise License Agreements (ELA), Joint or DoD ELAs authorized for AF use and DoD ESI/SmartBuy. Any software product, maintenance and related hardware or services not offered by an ELA or DoD ESI must be procured using the NETCENTS-2 contract. All software for use on AF networks must be evaluated and certified/assessed by the appropriate Security Control Assessor (SCA), formerly the Certification Authority per AFI 33-210. The definition of "information technology" is in the Terms glossary on page 28. All software purchases must be pre-coordinated through the unit's Software License Manager (SLM) and the Peterson Base Software License Managers (BSLM). The BSLMs can be contacted at 554-7955 or 554-2439.

The following requirements necessitate coordination from specific individuals/units for purchase approval:

· Real property requirements (e.g. facility projects, modular furniture purchases, etc.) must be coordinated through the 21st Civil Engineer Squadron and accompanied by an approved work order. If you have questions on work orders, call the 21st CES' customer service desk at 556-4030.

· Performance Work Statements/Statement of Work requirements for contractor employee access to AF computer networks require approval by the 21st SW Cybersecurity Office. Contact 21 SW Cybersecurity at 556-4253, prior to submission to 21st CONS.

· All furniture purchases must be coordinated with 21st CES/CENB at 556-6191, prior to submission to 21st CONS for action. As a reminder to all AFSPC subordinate units, AFSPC/CC, in his letter titled "Fiscal Year 2014 (FY14) Operation and Maintenance Execution Guidance" dated Oct. 2, 2013, stated units will "Limit supply purchases to essential FY14 consumption and stop minor purchases that are not mission-critical such as furniture, and unit equipment." This direction remains prudent in executing all non-critical/non-essential requirements.

21st CONS will continue to accept packages after the previously mentioned deadlines, however in our experience; the workload volume may preclude us from providing customers the most timely customer service and risk a requirement not being purchased.

If you have any questions concerning 21st CONS GPC purchasing procedures or fiscal year-end purchases, call 21st CONS GPC's customer service desk at 556-7395.

If you have contracting questions regarding FY16 closeout procedures, contact Karen Matkin at 556-4835.

Thank you for assisting us in meeting these deadlines to provide top quality products and services.

Remember: engage early and engage often!

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