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Taliban’s False Claims Translate to Acts of Desperation

KABUL, Afghanistan -- A series of false statements by the Taliban were criticized by ISAF Spokesman German Army Brig. Gen. Josef Blotz in a press conference today.

From falsely claiming responsibility for attacks carried out by other terrorist groups to spreading incorrect information on ISAF and Afghan operations, the Taliban is desperately trying to regain relevancy in Afghanistan, stated Blotz.

On May 23, an attack on the Afghan National Military Hospital in Kabul was claimed to be executed by the Taliban by their spokesman, this statement was released to and accepted by several media. However, credible intelligence sources proved that the Haqqani network were responsible for the act, not the Taliban.

"They claim to have killed international trainers," said General Blotz of the Taliban. "This is a lie--nothing more than another attempt to hide the truth that insurgent attacks almost always harm civilians."

False stories were also spread about civilians being killed in an Afghan and coalition forces operation in Takhar province, May 17. The operation actually resulted in the killing of four insurgents.

"The Taliban falsely claimed responsibility because in their weakened state they need to project that they still have power and relevance in an attempt to keep their ground troops motivated," explained General Blotz.

The Taliban also makes false statements in hope that foreign supporters will raise money to help them commit more highly visible attacks, a task that is becoming difficult due to lack of fiscal funds, said General Blotz.

The terrorist group is in financial hardship because many of their drug and weapon caches have been seized by Afghan and coalition forces, which have degraded much of their financial income, explained General Blotz.

The false claims and attacks made by the Taliban will continue, but the ISAF spokesman assured that the Afghan people and coalition forces have the upper hand. "The numbers demonstrate that there is only one spring offensive - that is ours," said General Blotz.

(Editor's note: Sergeant Haga is currently deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom from the 21st Space Wing Public Affairs Office.)

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