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21st SFS steps-up traffic enforcement

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- To encourage Peterson Airmen and civilians to drive within traffic laws and regulations, the men and women of the 21st Security Forces Squadron have stepped-up their traffic enforcement program.

Local security forces Airmen use several techniques to maintain the safety of base personnel and property to include speed-measuring devices and selective traffic enforcement methods.

Common traffic offenses Peterson drivers have been cited for are speeding, failing to stop or yield, using a cellular telephone while driving and driving without proof of insurance.

To operate a vehicle of Peterson, drivers must have proof of ownership or registration, a valid driver's license and proof of current vehicle insurance with at least minimum liability limits in accordance with any applicable laws. Drivers cited for not having proof of insurance must bring proof to the security forces squadron, Building 350, suite 1253, within 24 hours, or the next duty day. Failure to do so can result in a suspension of their base driving privileges.

You've probably heard the term, "California Stop" - We come to an intersection with a posted stop sign, don't see any approaching traffic and roll through the intersection. Or, we slow down but don't quite stop. This is illegal. Your vehicle must come to a complete stop when required.

Our lives are busy and we all seem distracted by one thing or another but distracted driving can be deadly. Using a cell-phone while driving is not only prohibited on the installation, but it places you, your passengers, and others in danger. Texting while driving is also against Colorado law. Drivers face having their base driving privileges suspended for using a cellular telephone while operating their vehicle. In fact, during July, four drivers had their privileges suspended for offenses involving the use of a cell phone while driving.

It's also illegal to drivers to operate a radar detection device on any Department of Defense installation. And as a reminder, all vehicle occupants must wear a seatbelt while on base.

Tips for drivers who are pulled over
· Turn your vehicle off
· Stay seated and remain in your vehicle
· Retrieve your driver's license and other required documents, but keep your seatbelt on unless instructed to remove it
· If cited, you have five duty days to rebut the ticket if you wish but you are required to report the citation within 24 hours or the next duty day
· Military members must report the citation to their commander or first sergeant. The same time requirement applies to contractors and DoD employees; however they are required to report to their supervisors.
· Family members and civilians should report to their sponsors, and the sponsors must then report (again within 24 hours or the next duty day) the offense to their commander/first sergeant, or supervisor.
· To rebut a traffic citation within five duty days of the citation, contact the 21st SFS, Reports and Analysis section, Building 350, suite 1253. Or via mail at 21 SFS/S5R, 135 Dover St., Suite 1055, Peterson AFB CO 80914. For questions, contact the 21st SFS reports and analysis manager at 556-5286.

For more information, refer to 21st Space Wing Supplement to Air Force instruction 31-204, Air Force Motor Vehicle Traffic Supervision.

(Editor's note - AFI 31-204 is scheduled for revision as the Air Force changes their traffic guidance in accordance with DoD instructions.)

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