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Every student counts

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- Did you know that one day of attendance in the education of your child can affect the funding the school district receives to educate them for the entire school year?

Yes, there is one special, important and essential day that your children need to be in school each year. This day is called "student count day" by the Colorado Department of Education and takes place Sept. 30.

Student count day is the day the schools have to account for how many students there are enrolled in their school for the school year. Typically, student count day is Oct. 1 each year, except when it falls on a Saturday or Sunday.

Sept. 30 is the official count day this year in accordance with the Public School Finance Act. State funding for all educational programs including the preschool programs will be based on the pupil count as of the official count date. Districts cannot change or establish another count date. In order for a student to be included in the Student October Count, the student must establish attendance with the district on or before the official count date.

Peterson AFB wants to encourage Airmen and community members support our local schools this year by having all school age children attend school Sept. 30. Many schools will even have prizes and celebrations for the classrooms with the highest attendance rates in their school.

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