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Breakfast in bed for CFC

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- Wouldn't it be great to get breakfast in bed? One of my favorite Father's Day gifts is a nice breakfast in bed.

Well, the Peterson Combined Federal Campaign committee is having a breakfast at the Peterson AFB chapel from 7-9 a.m. Nov. 14. And while it isn't breakfast in bed, having your commander and first sergeant sling hash and serve you should put a smile on your face as you start the week. If you have $5, you can have service with a smile, some pancakes, sausage and a beverage and donate to CFC's general fund -- winning all the way around.

Every contribution you make -- whether it is time, talent or treasure -- helps to make our campaign a success. We sure can use help setting up, tearing down and preparing food. Also, in the 50 years of the CFC, many of these charities have never faced more austere economic conditions, nor have they provided more service to people in need. I don't need to twist your arm to examine your conscience and thoughtfully consider a donation; that is a private decision. I can tell you that you are part of an excellent legacy of generosity and service. I ask that you continue our legacy of excellence. The day you enlisted, accepted your commission, or entered into federal service, you decided to make a difference. Please consider stepping forward now. Our participation goal is 30 percent of personnel assigned to the wing and mission partners donating to CFC. Please don't look to your wingman and hope he/she does it -- lead by example.

If we hit our 30 percent participation goal, we will absolutely crush our financial goal. I can assure you that your money goes where you designate. More importantly, the charities are screened to keep their costs lower so your money goes to where it is needed -- not administrative costs. Our campaign is humming along, but it will go even better if you participate.

I am looking forward to seeing you at the pancake breakfast and around the base. You can really set the bar for those who follow 50 years from now. Let's keep the campaign going strong.

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