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Firearm registration required for weapons on base

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- Living in Colorado provides many opportunities for outdoor recreation, including hunting and shooting at the range. Whether an Airman owns a gun for recreational or safety reasons, there are some guidelines they need to understand and follow.

Paragraph in Air Force Instruction 31-101 pertains to all firearm owners living on base and what they need to do with their weapons. Failure to follow any of these directions may result in severe punishment up to and including jail time.

As far as the 21st Security Forces Squadron is concerned, there are two types of firearm owners on Peterson Air Force Base: those who live in base housing and those who live in the dormitories, visiting quarters and temporary lodging facilities. Both types of firearm owners are required to fill out specific forms. Dormitory, VQ and TLF residents, however, are required to store their weapons in the 21st SFS armory and additional paperwork is required.

For firearm owners in base housing, the process is quite simple. All personnel, regardless of rank, unit, branch of service or length of residency on base are required to register their firearms within 72 hours of arrival or purchase. There are two required forms and a 21st SFS policy letter outlining all the actions you must take in storing and transporting your weapon(s) on Peterson. These forms (AF Form 1314 and DD Form 2760) can be picked up at the 21st SFS Armory or printed off the e-pubs server and returned to the armory. The paperwork requires the firearm's make, model, serial number and caliber or gauge.

Firearm owners residing in the dormitories, TLF or VQ are required to fill out the same forms as stated above and, in addition, complete firearm condition worksheets and Air Force Form 1297. Just like base housing residents, personnel in the dorms, TLF or VQ have 72 hours to register their firearms upon arrival or purchase.

Individuals wishing to retrieve their weapon(s) for hunting, going to the range, cleaning, etc. have a 72 hour timeframe to return them to the armory. To be granted an extended withdrawal (more than 72 hours) the owner must have a memorandum for record signed by their first sergeant indicating where the weapons will be taken and the reason for the extended withdrawal. When weapons are withdrawn from the armory they must immediately be taken off base and be returned to the armory immediately upon returning to base. Privately owned weapons are strictly prohibited from being present in the dormitories, TLF or VQ at all times regardless of whether loaded or unloaded.

The 21st SFS armory is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year for your convenience. For information call 556-7066.

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