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Rules apply to air rifles too

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- As a little girl growing up on my grandparents' farm, I remember shooting BB guns and pellet guns with my cousins in the corn fields and the grove that surrounded the farm house. Acres of open space to shoot at rabbits, squirrels or any little critter that moved.

Unfortunately, on Peterson AFB, we do not have that same luxury. Peterson has recently had several incidents regarding air rifles being shot in the housing area. According to Peterson Integrated Defense Plan 31-1, air rifles and BB guns are prohibited on base unless properly stored. Air rifles and BB guns are not illegal to possess and are not considered firearms; however, they should be considered dangerous and must be handled accordingly.

Storage and transport of these items will be in accordance with privately owned firearms procedures. During transportation, air rifles or BB guns will be unloaded in the trunk of the vehicle, cleared of all ammunition, and have the safety engaged. Ammunition is also required to be transported in a separate compartment or container than a rifle or gun. When entering base, notify the installation entry controller when you are in possession of these items and where you intend to transport them.

Air rifles and BB guns are not authorized in temporary living quarters or dormitories. Unlike personally owned firearms, air rifles and BB guns are not authorized to be stored in the 21st Security Forces Squadron armory. This will require individuals staying in TLF or the dorms to find alternate locations to store these items. Under no circumstances will air rifles and BB guns be discharged on Peterson. Although they may be fun and exciting, the base does not have a designated range or shooting area to use them.

For more information about unauthorized weapons or dangerous items, contact the 21st SFS at 556-4000.

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