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CCAF recognizes recent graduates

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- Peterson Air Force Base will honor the October 2011 and April 2012 Community College of the Air Force graduates with a ceremony at 2 p.m. May 17 at The Club.

The CCAF was established April 1, 1972, as a means of gaining accreditation and recognition for Air Force training. Over the years, the college has grown in prestige, numbers and recognition. Currently, there are more than 321,000 registered students enrolled, making CCAF the largest multi-campus community college in the world. These students are instructed by more than 6,100 faculty members at 105 affiliated schools located in 37 states and nine foreign locations. To date, more than 371,000 degrees have been conferred.

The Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools first recognized CCAF with accreditation Dec. 12, 1980. Community College of the Air Force has maintained regional accreditation, the highest level of accreditation, since this date.

This year there are 248 graduates from the Front Range who have earned 273 Associates of Applied Sciences degrees in their respective Air Force specialty from CCAF. Families and friends, commanders, supervisors and coworkers are invited to help celebrate this educational milestone and honor the achievements of these outstanding men and women.

This year's graduates include:
MSgt David Alkire, 21 SFS
SSgt Wilma Alvarez, 52 AS
SSgt Leomel Abueg, 21 FSS
SSgt Guillermo Araujo, 21 LRS
MSgt James Austin, NORAD CBT OPNS CE
SSgt Robert Bailey, 21 CPTS
TSgt Nathan Barber, 21 CS
MSgt Timothy Barker, SMC/MCLT
MSgt Enrique Barrera, AFSPC/IG
MSgt Michael Bates, 561 NOS
MSgt Bernard Bedminster, 21 OSS
TSgt Steven Bennett, 561 NOS
TSgt Sonja Berry, 21 FSS
MSgt Theresa Bice, 76 SPCS
MSgt Michael Bishop, AFSPC/A47
TSgt Nathanael Blanquie, 561 NOS
SSgt Richard Bonsra, 4 MRS
MSgt Michael Borick, 21 SW
SSgt Jennifer Boylls, 561 NOS
TSgt Dustin Bradshaw, AFELM NORAD JB
SSgt Marc Brejcha, 561 NOS
SSgt Sheldon Briggs, 21 FSS
SSgt Jeff Calhoun, 13 ASOS
TSgt Amanda Callahan, 21 SW/PA
SSgt Daniel Canitz, 21 SFS
TSgt Johnath, 561 NOS
MSgt Rick Carrillo, 21 OSS
SSgt Valencia Carson, NSSI/CCA
MSgt Derek Christian, AFSPC/A5
TSgt Justin Churchill, AFSPC/A2
TSgt Tierra Coleman, AFOTEC Det 4
TSgt Ibrahim Conteh, 21 AMDS
MSgt Michael Cook, 21 SFS
TSgt Travis Cripps, 21 OSS
SSgt Larry Crosby, 561 NOS
SSgt Alexandra De Los Santos, JPPSO
MSgt Richard Dehart, 21 FSS
SSgt Shalina Desancic, 21 SW
SrA Cassie Drake, 21 SFS
TSgt Shannon Draper, 21 LRS
TSgt Joseph Swyer, 21 OSS
TSgt Brad Ericksen, 10 CS
TSgt Michael Fitzpatrick, 21 CS
SSgt Santana Forney, 561 NOS
TSgt Robert Fowler, 21 CES
SSgt Michael Fox, 13 ASOS
SrA Jonathan Francis, 721 SFS
TSgt Mario Frank, 52 AS
SSgt Peter Frankland, 21 CES
MSgt Rafael Garcia, VNCOA
SSgt Matthew Gilbert, 561 NOS
SSgt Joseph Gilbert, 13 ASOS
SSgt Rusti Girroir, 21 SFS
SrA Steve Gomez, 302 FSS
MSgt Sara Gordon, VNCOA
TSgt Dayna Greene, 21 LRS
SSgt Karla Gunn, 21 SW
MSgt Christy Harris, 367 RCS
SSgt Shawn Hazen, 561 NOS
SSgt Mi Jung Herren, 21 DS
TSgt Rachael Hmelo, 76 SCS
MSgt Randolph Hodson, 21 SFS
SSgt John Holmes, 21 DS
SSgt Jermaine James, 21 OG
SSgt Mario Jaramillo, AFSPC/CCP
SSgt Matthew Jensen, 12 SWS
SrA Jesse Jeppesen, 21 CON
TSgt Timothy Jez, AFGSC
SSgt Keissan Johnson, 561 NOS
SSgt Darriel Jones, JPPSO
TSgt Enrique Jones, 367 RCS
TSgt Chad Kendrick, 21 OSS
SSgt Timothy Kenney, 367 RCS
SrA Thomas Kiefer, 21 CES
MSgt Richard Kittle, AFSPC/A5J
A1C Nicholas Kurtz, 561 NOS
TSgt Matthew Lancaster, 21 SFS
TSgt Jason Linta, 10 CES
TSgt Jeffrey Lisle, 367 RCS
SrA Jeffrey Locke, 721 SFS
SSgt Christopher Long, 721 SFS
SSgt Matthew Lucas, 21 AMDS
SSgt Jeremy Luedtke, 367 RCS
SSgt Marie Manabat, 544 ISRG
MSgt Antonio Martinez, 721 SFS
MSgt Gary Mcmahel, 52 AS
TSgt Jeremy Melber, 76 SCS
MSgt Phillip Miller, 21 OG
MSgt Leo Morales, 721 CS
SSgt Jason Moree, 561 NOS
SSgt David Moreno, 21 CONS
SSgt Jonathon Murray, 561 NOS
SrA Joel Nyapolla, 21 CES
SrA Emilio Ochoa, 21 DS
MSgt Matthew Odom, AFOTEC, Det 4
TSgt James Ortiz, 561 NOS
TSgt Lucas Pankey, 21 MDSS
MSgt Shelly Parson, 21 CS
TSgt Michael Perkins, NORTHCOM/J38
TSgt Mitchell Polu, 13 ASOS
TSgt Stacey Polu, 721 SFS
SSgt Nicolas Porter, 21 CES
MSgt Ernesto Portunato, 367 RCS
SSgt Brian Powers, 21 OSS
MSgt Steven Przyzycki, USAFA BAND
SrA Devon Pulliam, 21 OSS
SSgt Christina Reed, 52 AS
MSgt Richard Renzi, 21 FSS
MSgt Marcus Resendez, 561 NOS
SSgt Hiram Rivera, 21 OSS
MSgt Michael Roderigues, AFSPC/A47
TSgt Robert Roe, 21 OG
SrA Francis Royal, 52 AS
SMSgt Robert Ruen, 561 NOS
SSgt Rachal Schmid, 21 MDSS
SSgt Michael Schmuke, 21 MDOS
TSgt Jacob Servia, 614 SCS
TSgt Diana Simmons, AFELM NORAD JB
MSgt Christopher Simons, 21 CS
TSgt Letricia Spears, AFSPC/A6CR
TSgt Christopher Stafford, JFCC Space MWC
MSgt Lee Stevenson, AFSPC/A47
MSgt Nicole Stevenson, 21 SFS
SSgt John Sweeney, 21 LRS
SSgt Jon Tarell, AFSPC/PAI
TSgt Tura Tominov, 367 RCS
TSgt Michael Tooke, 561 NOS
MSgt Mark Tooker, 561 NOS
SSgt Ramon Toro Bolier, 21 SFS
SSgt Joseph Vazquez, JFCC Space MWC
MSgt Ronald Venn, AFSPC/A3
TSgt Jerry Watts, 21 MDSS
TSgt Danica Wright, 21 AMDS
TSgt Nicholas Xenos, 21 MDSS
SSgt Tommy Yau, 52 AS
MSgt Kevin Yost, SMC/SYFR
SSgt Whitney Young, 21 SFS
MSgt Galen Zalace, 21 CES

The following Airmen have retired, separated or changed station since they earned their CCAF degree:
TSgt Joseph Absher
SSgt Brian Batty
SSgt Britney Brock
TSgt Heather Brundidge
TSgt Britney Canezaro
SSgt Jeremy Crossman
MSgt James Ferrenberg
TSgt Robert Gambino
SSgt Jason Garstka
TSgt Dawn Haigh
SSgt Michael Hall
MSgt Jeffrey Hamilton
MSgt Anthony Handy
SSgt Anthony Harmon
MSgt Barrington Holness
TSgt Alonzo Johnson
TSgt Daniel Johnson
SSgt Nathan Keister
SSgt Richard Kloster
SSgt Nathan Mansfield
MSgt John McGuire
SSgt Nicholas Meeker Salinas
SrA Daniel Mellstead
MSgt Dustin Mohr
SSgt Tyler Moran
SSgt Julie Ogg
SSgt Keith Rames
TSgt Anirudha Rane
SSgt Daniel Stevenson
TSgt Kevin Strine
SSgt Jon Tarell
TSgt Tura Tominov
MSgt Brian Worth

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