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East gate lane changes aimed at improving safety

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- The Peterson Air Force Base East Gate outbound lanes are closed from 5-11 a.m. to accommodate heavy inbound traffic. Major construction projects including the new child development center, base housing, Space Education and Training Center and other facilities have increased truck and other construction traffic around the entire base.

The east gate houses the commercial vehicle inspection area, which handles the majority of the construction vehicle traffic. Of the more than 20,000 commercial deliveries completed since April 2012, more than 55 percent have been to locations on the east side of the base.

Making the gate inbound only during those hours allow for safer base access for the increased truck traffic, as well as employees arriving to work, as well as increasing inbound traffic capacity.

A nearly year-long east gate renovation project is slated to be completed in March 2013, which should further improve base access on the east side of the installation, said Tim Omdal, 21st SFS deputy director.

The project will decrease morning traffic times by more than half and improve safety, while increasing already stringent security measures through the use of state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

Improvements to the gate include more room to queue vehicles, more lanes for inbound traffic - two for commercial vehicles and two for cars instead of the current two lanes entering the east gate - as well as turn lanes in both directions on Marksheffel Road.

The 21st SFS thanks you for your patience and vigilance in these efforts to make Peterson AFB the best place to work, live and visit in the Air Force.

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