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Take command of your healthcare: MiCare secure messaging

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- Patients at Peterson and Schriever clinics will soon be able to communicate securely and privately with their healthcare teams virtually anywhere and anytime due to the Air Force-wide expansion of secure online messaging.

Secure messaging will be available to patients through the new MiCare portal. The MiCare portal is built to facilitate secure, online communications between patients and their healthcare team.

The goal of MiCare is to improve the quality of healthcare patients receive and provide a mechanism for patients to have better access to their own health information when it's most convenient for them. MiCare will streamline communication and access to information between office visits, reducing the frequency of office visits for some patients. It will also reduce reliance on telephone calls, providing more convenience for the patients and freeing time for providers to see more acute patients.

Benefits of MiCare's secure messaging tool include patient access anywhere, anytime to:
· Communicate privately with their healthcare team online without waiting in phone trees or playing phone tag
· Ask their healthcare team for advice about non-urgent symptoms
· Receive medical test and lab results
· Request prescription renewals
· Request a copy of immunization records
· Access physician-approved health resource links at their convenience

In the near future, MiCare will offer patients secure access to their Personal Health Record. The PHR feature will allow patients to capture medical information in a central, online location. This has not been an option for patients in the past, making it difficult for them to keep track of health information coming from different doctors, treatment locations, emergency providers and overseas stations.

Since MiCare is a patient-driven service, the beneficiary must register with their military treatment facility to have an active account. MiCare service at Peterson and Schriever Clinics was implemented Feb. 15.

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