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Traffic stop etiquette

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- The number one goal of the 21st Security Forces Squadron is the overall safety and protection of personnel and property on the installation.

One of the many actions taken on a daily basis to ensure mission accomplishment is traffic enforcement. While law enforcement officers are trained to conduct traffic stops, the general public receives little to no education on their responsibilities as motorists. During a traffic stop, the overall safety of the vehicle occupants and the officer is paramount. The following steps are actions you can take during a traffic stop to ensure the safety of yourself as well as the officer. These rules, if followed correctly, will end in a successful and safe traffic stop.

1. When a patrolman instructs you to pull your vehicle over, pull over to a safe area. Typically, you want to pull over to the right side of the road and onto a shoulder if possible. If you pull over and the patrolman feels the area is not safe, follow the patrolman's directions to a safer area. The patrolman may utilize the patrol vehicle's public announcement system to issue these directions.

2. After you come to a complete stop, put the vehicle in park and stay in your vehicle. Do not get out of your vehicle at any time unless told to do so by the patrolman.

3. Remain calm. While some people may tend to get nervous when being pulled over, try to remain calm and professional at all times when dealing with patrolmen. The 21st SFS leadership expects its patrolmen to provide the same type of respect as well.

4. When the patrolman comes to your vehicle to make contact with you, keep your hands on the steering wheel where they are visible. The patrolman will ask to see your state driver's license, military ID, proof of insurance and proof of registration. Do not attempt to find these items before the patrolman makes contact with you, just stay calm with your hands on the steering wheel.

5. Once the patrolman has finished with the traffic stop make sure you proceed back into the flow of traffic in a safe manner using your turn signal.

As ambassadors for the installation commander, the 21st SFS goal is to safely and efficiently conduct all traffic stops. If you get pulled over on Peterson AFB or off base, remember these helpful rules to keep you and the public safe. Security forces Airmen strive to protect the personnel and property assigned to Peterson AFB, and there's no better job in the world.

For more information contact Tim Omdal at 556-4800.

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