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MPC hosts Zombie Run

Person navigates obstacle course while people dressed as zombies chase them.

A participant in the “zombie” run, hosted by the Millennial Prevention Coalition, navigates through an obstacle course at Peterson Space Force Base, Colorado, Aug. 18, 2022. The MPC is committed to creating awareness and impacting change in the community through events that educate participants about various afflictions such as addiction, drug misuse, alcoholism, marijuana use etc. (Courtesy photo)


The Millennial Prevention Coalition hosted a “zombie” run for active-duty members, Department of Defense civilians, and their friends and family, at Peterson Space Force Base, Colorado, Aug. 18, 2022.

The MPC, the only one of its kind, the is a volunteer-based organization representing young Airmen, Guardians and noncommissioned officers who demonstrate their willingness to support the Space Base Delta 1 commander’s prevention program by providing information and awareness not only to Peterson SFB active-duty service members, but the civilian community as well.

MPC was created in 2019 by Jamel Gilbert, manager of the Drug Demand Reduction Program, to provide alcohol and drug prevention awareness to service members living in a high-risk community faced with easy access to legalized marijuana.

To make an impact in the community, MPC has decided to take the lead to advance substance misuse prevention and awareness by building a network with local community partners.

The goal for the zombie run event was to provide a unique and creative way for members to experience the feeling of being under the influence by wearing “drunken goggles.” These goggles simulated the sensation of being inebriated by distorting the wearer’s vision and altering their sense of depth and distance perception.

Participants then attempted to navigate through a variety of challenging obstacles wearing the goggles, while being “attacked” by the “zombie” volunteers in ripped t-shirts and masks. In this case, the zombies were a representation of various afflictions such as addiction, drug misuse, alcoholism, marijuana use and more.

Participants were able to see how difficult it was to navigate around while being under the influence. They also learned about how poor alcohol and drug-related decisions can truly alter what you do and how you act.

Through continued efforts to stay active within the community, on and off base, members of MPC look forward to seeing the impact of what they do every day.

For more information about MPC and to see what they are doing in the community, members can contact Jamel Gilbert at (719) 556-3395 or follow their Facebook page: @PetersonMPC.


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