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Guardians Begin Migration to Space Force CACs

ARLINGTON, Virginia (AFNS) -- Space Force common access cards are being issued incrementally to Guardians after more than 18 months of collaboration across numerous organizations and five months of live testing with Guardians.
To produce a functioning USSF card, system and data owners across multiple agencies to include Air Force Personnel Center and the Defense Manpower Data Center, made critical systems changes to digitally create the new service as a unique agency.
“This was a herculean effort that was more complex than most of us expected, but it is imperative that we get it right so Guardians and their family members continue to have the necessary access to our bases, IT systems and health care networks,” said Patricia Mulcahy, Space Force Deputy Chief of Space Operations for Human Capital.
Guardians do not need to initiate anything at this time. Each Military Personnel Flight within the Guardians’ Force Support Squadron was provided a list of Guardians who need the USSF CAC and will contact those Guardians over the coming months to schedule appointments.
There is a three-step process to receive new CACs and dependent IDs. 

  1. MPFs will individually contact the Guardians in their servicing area to schedule appointments to change their CACs, as well as their family members.  To ensure a smooth transition, all new USSF CACs for a Guardian and their dependents must get done at the same time.
  2. MPFs will then notify AFPC of the date to migrate the member’s system record from Air Force to Space Force.
  3. The Guardian and all dependent card holders visit the local CAC office to receive their new cards at the scheduled appointment which should be the Wednesday after their record is migrated. 

It is critical for Guardians to keep their scheduled appointment time, as once their records are transferred to the Space Force, the new CAC must be issued within 48 hours. That is when the current AF CAC is disabled, resulting in lost access to all facilities, systems and services.
The targeted date to complete this initial issue of all Space Force CACs is Dec. 31, 2021.

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