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P-S GAR Honor Guard seeks new guardsmen

Guardsmen at the Peterson-Schriever Garrison change of command

The High Frontier Honor Guard attends a plethora of different ceremonies to continue driving their mission forward including the recent Peterson-Schriever Garrison change of command at Peterson Air Force Base, June 28, 2021. The Honor Guard supports a vast area including 41 counties in Colorado and eight in western Kansas, in total an area of 93,000 square miles. (U.S. Space Force photo by Craig Denton)


High Frontier Honor Guard fulfills a key role in the quality of life for active duty, retiree and veteran families by providing the final tribute for deceased service members on behalf of the president of the United States, and both U.S. Air Force and U.S. Space Force.

The High Frontier Honor Guard supports a vast area including 41 counties in Colorado and eight in western Kansas. The area of responsibility extends from the Utah border to Colby, Kansas and from the New Mexico border to Longmont, Colorado. This area contains two national cemeteries and an area of approximately 93,000 square miles.

The team is composed of service members from three Colorado installations: Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station, Peterson Air Force Base and Schriever AFB.

The Honor Guard is looking for highly motivated and sharp Airmen and Guardians to help support their mission. All incoming members are tasked to complete 80 hours of basic protocol during the Honors and Ceremonies Course. The course tests prospective guardsmen in military bearing and overall endurance. It also provides detailed instruction on performing a guardsman’s ceremonial duties.

If interested in volunteering for the High Frontier Honor Guard work with your chain of command.

For more information about the High Frontier Honor Guard, call 719-556-8228 or visit  

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