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The Great American Smokeout begins Nov. 19

The Great American Smokeout graphic

The Great American Smokeout begins Nov. 19

Great American Smokeout Infographic

The Great American Smokeout begins Nov. 19


November is Tobacco Cessation Month. While deployment or recent pandemic restrictions may physically separate service members, remind them that they are never alone especially when it comes to quitting tobacco.

The Great American Smokeout begins Nov. 19. It is a day where thousands of people across the country commit to quitting tobacco.

Pick a date that’s right for you. Join thousands of people across the country to quit tobacco as part of the Great American Smokeout or choose another day that works best in order to set yourself up for success.

Plan ahead to ease challenges. Quitting tobacco can be hard. Make it a little easier by creating a list of expected challenges so that you can handle stressors and identify triggers when quitting gets tough.

Keep your goal top of mind. Throughout the quitting process it’s important to focus on your motivators. Remember your reasons for quitting, like for loved ones or improving your health, in order to get through difficult moments.

Ask for help. A strong support system is key during your quit journey. Reach out to loved ones for help or team up with a buddy to crush your tobacco-free goals together. Quitting tobacco isn’t easy, but it can feel better knowing support is there for you. Maybe you tried to quit tobacco in the past but started using again, or you are not sure if you’re ready to take on quitting tobacco.

Due to COVID-19 there are no longer in person tobacco cessation classes available at the 21st Medical Group. However, for additional resources, reference the infographic above or call the Colorado Quit Line 1-800-QUIT-NOW or visit their website at

For more information, contact the Peterson AFB Health Promotion Office at (719) 556-4292 and Schriever Health Promotion Coordinator at (719) 567-4292.

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