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Keep your IMR up to date

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- Individual Medical Readiness is a commander-run program but ultimately it is the service member’s responsibility to be up to date or ‘green.’ The IMR status of an individual is a baseline assessment of an Airman’s medical readiness record and details any potential conditions that could affect an Airman’s ability to complete their mission and/or deploy. IMR requirement items include the annual Periodic Health Assessment, dental examinations, immunizations, laboratory tests, and individual medical equipment, such as prescription gas mask inserts.

The PHA process consists of four separate requirements:
• Periodic Health Assessment Questionnaire – Completed by the service member on their MyIMR page (

• Mental Health Assessment – The MHA is a telephone appointment that must be scheduled by the service member after their appointment. To schedule the mandatory MHA, please call 719-524-2273. This virtual appointment is conducted over the phone. It is crucial that the service member provides their duty phone number as their primary number as the appointment is conducted during business hours.

• Record Review – After the service member completes their PHAQ and MHA, the medical group will conduct a virtual record review. No action is needed by the member at this time.

• After the previous requirements are completed the service member’s provider will sign off on their PHA. No action is needed by the member at this time.

For the PHA process the service member only needs to complete their PHAQ and schedule/complete their MHA. The rest of the process is accomplished internally within the medical group but the process may be delayed if no action is taken by the service member in a timely manner.

For immunizations, laboratory tests or medical equipment, the service member just needs to walk in to the medical treatment facility and go to the respective clinic. For dental examinations and the MHA the member will need to call and schedule an appointment.

Below are the numbers to call for any questions in regards to your IMR actionable items:

Dental – (719) 556-1333

Optometry – (719) 556-5621

Lab – (719) 556-1118 or (719) 556-5399

Immunizations – (719) 556-0169

PHA – (719) 556-7053 or (719) 556-1263
Medical readiness is vital to the mission. To see if you have any overdue/due medical requirements please go to your MyIMR page (

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