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North gate: New hours of operation

The north gate at Peterson Air Force Base, Colo., has new hours of operation as of April 9, 2018.

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. – The north gate at Peterson Air Force Base, Colo., has new hours of operation as of April 9, 2018. The gate will be open Monday through Friday from 6 - 9 a.m. for inbound and outbound traffic; the gate will be closed during the morning and will re-open for outbound traffic and students walking onto base from 2:30 - 6 p.m. (Graphic by Tech. Sgt. Joshua Arends)

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- As of April 9, 2018, the north gate on Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, is operating under a new schedule due to increased security measures. During weekdays, inbound and outbound lanes will be open from 6 - 9 a.m. The outbound side of the north gate will reopen from 2:30 - 6 p.m to facilitate traffic leaving the base, as well as students walking onto the base.

According to the 21st Space Wing, after a thorough review of the installation security and entry procedures, areas for improvement were identified and are being addressed to continue providing robust security for the important missions performed at the base and to ensure the safety of all Peterson AFB personnel.

“Due to heightened threats our military installations face within the United States, as recently witnessed in other parts of the U.S., the need to secure our installation perimeters is just one of numerous fundamental security principles implemented here at Peterson AFB,” said Timothy Omdal, 21st Security Forces Squadron deputy director. Omdal led the security assessment team recommending security measures and a course of action to Col. Todd Moore, 21st SW commander.

The 21st SW performs vital missile warning and space surveillance missions in defense of North America and its allies. Additionally, the wing is the host agency for multiple mission partners including Air Force Space Command, NORAD/NORTHCOM and the 302nd Airlift Wing. Providing installation protection is a critical part of the base support mission.

According to the 21st SW, by expanding current security measures, 21st SFS Airmen will be able to amplify the protection standards already in place. However, some of the changes may result in increased wait times at the other gates. The 21st Space Wing is urging drivers entering and exiting the base to allow extra time for getting through the gate, exercise patience and treat gate personnel and all others with respect.

“The limited hours will certainly have an impact on our commuters,” said Omdal. “However, the specific hours of operation were carefully reviewed by 21st SW leadership to limit the impact on our personnel while maintaining increased security to protect them at the same time.”

While the gate improvement continues, base employees and area residents are encouraged to report any suspicious behavior to the Eagle Eyes hotline at 719-556-4000. Omdal listed vehicles parked in an unusual place along the base perimeter as a prime example.

"History has shown a well-planned attack relies on extensive reconnaissance, surveillance and months of planning by aggressors,” said Omdal. “If personnel see something; they should report the activity immediately, regardless of how minimal they may think the activity is in relation to base security. The goal is protecting our assigned personnel and the 21st SW mission."

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