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Peterson AFB still recovering from ruthless 2016 hailstorm


PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. – Hailstorm damage repairs at Tierra Vista Communities are still underway on Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado. The storm struck July 28, 2016, and is on record as being the sixth-most damaging storm in Colorado Springs history. (Courtesy photo)

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- On July 28, 2016 one of the worst hailstorms in the history of Colorado Springs swept across the city leaving massive destruction in its path. Peterson Air Force Base was in that path.

To this day buildings, homes, cars, fences, and even airplanes are still being repaired from the sixth-most damaging storm to hit Colorado Springs, according to a 2016 Colorado Springs Gazette article.

Tierra Vista Communities on Peterson AFB suffered extreme damage to its housing development. To this day TVC’s repairs are an ongoing process.

“We’ve extended working hours to remain in effect from 7:00 AM to dusk, Mon. – Fri. and 8:00 AM to dusk on Saturday,” said Chris Vincent, Tierra Vista Communities project engineer. “Final quality control inspections are underway and crews will be revisiting individual homes, as necessary, to complete punch list repairs (roof, paint, and exterior).”

The following are a list of repairs that have been completed.

• 1,801 out of 1,801 damaged windows are complete
• 504 out of 504 damaged residential roofs are complete
• 2 common area buildings are complete with the exception of gutters
• Community Center roof replacement expected to be complete in mid January
• 8 bus shelters are complete
• 5 picnic shelters are complete
• 536 out of 536 damaged solar systems are complete
• 481 out of 504 damaged gutter replacements are complete
• Gutters still pending on two maintenance buildings and community center
• 175 out of 175 damaged garage doors are complete
• Awning repair and replacement is still under repair at Chief Master Sgt.’s homes

“The count for solar systems varies from the number of residential rooftops due to dual systems installed on duplex units,” said Vincent.

“Carpet replacements are complete for those residents who elected it,” Vincent said. “Many residents declined replacement because they are planning to move out soon or didn’t feel replacement was necessary.”

An update on the above information was provided to TVC residents via email Nov. 7, 2017.

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