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The IG is here for you

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. —The Inspector General Complaints Resolution Process is outlined in AFI 90-301, Inspector General Complaints. The installation IG’s primary responsibility in this process is to provide responsive complaint investigations, fraud, waste, and abuse, Congressional Inquiry, and general assistance to the Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, family with objectivity, integrity, and impartiality. The Installation IG has the authority to look into anything necessary to resolve problems.

The complaint system allows members to be stakeholders in upholding standards and fix problems. It is also a leadership tool whereby command can focus on issues, or problem areas, and correct underlying procedural weaknesses to ensure resources are used effectively and efficiently. Command Leadership is interested in things running the right way and people being satisfied. When people are happy with the work environment, with structure, and fair and equitable treatment, they know what to expect and are better able to perform their duties. The complaint system has a direct influence on mission accomplishment.

The Peterson AFB IG office services numerous tenant organizations on and around the base. While some tenant organizations have their own IG processes under a different command, the Peterson AFB office assists their personnel, if required, and transfers, or refers, issues to the appropriate IGs or command channels when appropriate.

It is the job of the IG system to ensure the concerns of all complainants are addressed through objective fact finding. The IG office analyzes, and at times, investigates allegations of policy and standards violations. Whether an allegation is substantiated or not is based on a preponderance of evidence. The IG system is a command function without command authority so findings are reported to the appropriate command authority for action as appropriate. In most cases, problems can be resolved by offering assistance, or by referring a person to any number of helpful referral agencies.

All Air Force military and civilian members have a duty to promptly report fraud, waste, and abuse, or gross mismanagement; violations of law, abuse of authority; and inappropriate conduct.

The chain of command is the primarily preferred method of resolving problems. It is important that supervisors, first sergeants, and commanders have the opportunity to solve problems first. When all else fails, or one doesn’t know where to start, contact or visit the IG office.

Everyone has unrestricted access to the IG office and can complain without fear of reprisal. No one can take, or threaten to take, an unfavorable action against, or withhold, or threaten to withhold, a favorable action from an individual for contacting the IG office.

Issues not considered IG matters include things such as correction of military records, appeals of Officer Performance Reports/Enlisted Performance Reports, equal opportunity issues, and punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice or administrative separations. These issues will be referred to the appropriate offices. Civilian issues such as conditions of employment, allegations of reprisal, equal opportunity and criminal activity would also be referred to an appropriate office. IG matters would include such matters as allegations of injustice, violations of law or instructions, mismanagement, waste of funds, abuse of authority, or substantial danger to public health or safety.

If anyone wishes to contact the IG office, it is located in Room 1225 of Building 350. The IG can be contacted at (719)-556-4597. Our Fraud Waste and Abuse Hotline is available 24/7 at (719)-556-2104. Complaints can be submitted in person, in writing, or by phone. They can also be made by a third party or anonymously.

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