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New options for Club members

Thule Air Base, Greenland -- -- Air Force Clubs are transitioning to a new member portal at six pilot bases around the world. Of those six bases, Thule Air Base, Greenland, home to the Top of the World Club, was a logical choice to test capabilities of the new system at a remote and isolated location to gather real-time feedback from an active, close-knit club community.

The online platform is expected to roll out across the rest of the Air Force in August 2017.

The new system features a club member website and smart device application that provides new benefits and ease of use to existing members, as well as those signing up for club membership.

“Air Force club membership is a tradition,” said Col. Donna Turner, Air Force Services Activity commander. “It’s where our Airmen experience, learn and share our Air Force culture. Our clubs provide resiliency to our Airmen and their families. This new approach to club membership will make it easier for our Airmen to stay connected with our Air Force tradition and build on the culture and esprit de corps established by those who have previously served.”

It also eliminates the requirement for an Air Force Club credit card. It lets members decide which card they use to pay their dues and receive information about club membership and events.

“We’re excited to be one of the six pilot installations,” said 1st Lt. Brent Norden, 821st Force Support Squadron flight commander. “This test will allow our club members access to the new system and provide constructive feedback…their input is extremely valuable.”

Other pilot bases are Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, Joint-Base Charleston, South Carolina, Joint-Base San Antonio-Randolph, Texas, Osan Air Base Republic of Korea, and Whiteman AFB, Missouri.

“As a service to club members, the Air Force Services Activity is converting all current members to the new system,” said Jonathan Boyd, AFSVA non-appropriated food and beverage operations chief.

The new portal gives members more value by giving them freedom to manage their membership anytime, anywhere, as well as choice and flexibility in dues payment methods.

Once their club transitions to the new portal, all current club members will be provided with a link to the site where they’ll activate their account information and select their preferred dues payment method.

They can also reach the member portal by visiting the website.

“The initial login affords more members the best opportunity to update their dues payment method,” said Boyd. “Because the current Air Force Club credit card is being deactivated, it’s important to have new payment methods added to the member portal. Members can put in their selected card and start earning points or other rewards associated with that card.”

Members who update their member account information in the first month will be rewarded with the chance to win $10,000 in a drawing. In addition to giving away $10,000, 70 members will receive free club memberships for life.

New club members who sign up that first month during the transition period are also entered to win.

With the new club member portal, all Chase-branded club membership credit cards are being deactivated on October 15, 2017. Chase will be contacting members about credit card options.

Club dues at pilot bases have been collected via the member portal since May 15, 2017. Unlike the current system, where club dues were collected at different times during the month, all club members across the Air Force will now have dues collected on the 15th of each month once members are connected through the member portal.

“We contacted every one of our current members and advised them of the changeover, the process, and how to update their accounts under the new system,” said Kevin Hacker, Top of the World Club manager. “Our team is extremely excited about this and we’re finding our members, both existing and new, welcome and appreciate the change.”

For more information or help with making the transition, club members are advised to contact their local Air Force club.

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