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Escorting visitors? REAL ID matters!

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- On August 15, 2016, the Department of Homeland Security implemented portions of the Real ID Act that may significantly impact you or your visitors who are requesting unescorted entry onto Peterson AFB. Driver’s licenses from the following states/territories will no longer be considered valid as a sole-source form of identification for federal installations and facilities:

• American Samoa
• Minnesota
• Missouri
• Washington
• Maine
• Montana

Holders of the Enhanced Driver’s License from Minnesota and Washington will not be affected. If you are unsure if you have an EDL, contact the issuing agency to verify.

Individuals with licenses from Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Illinois, Maryland, Utah, and Vermont are valid unless they have a statement printed on the face of the ID stating “Not for Federal Identification” or “Federal Limits Apply”.

If a person is in possession of an invalid ID and does not have a current federally issued credential, they must be either escorted onto the installation by a person with a federally issued credential or they must present one of the following in conjunction with a driver’s license to gain unescorted entry on to Peterson AFB:

• United States Passport
• Permanent Resident Card/Alien Registration Card (Form I-551)
• Foreign Passport with (I-551) stamp
• United States Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Legacy Card
• Untied State Coast Guard New Merchant Mariner Credential
• United States Social Security Card
• Original Birth Certificate
• Certification of Birth Abroad (issued by the Department of State)
• United States Citizen ID Card (Form I-197)
• Foreign Military or Host Nation Governmet ID Credentials

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