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BSC Appreciation Week

The Air Force recognizes the achievements of the men and women who comprise the Biomedical Sciences Corps (BSC) by designating 22 – 27 January, 2017, as BSC Appreciation Week. The BSC's roots date back to 1917, when the Sanitary Corps was established to combat infectious diseases. The Army Medical Administrative Corps followed three years later.

In 1949, the Air Force Medical Service was officially established. The Air Force Medical Service continued to expand over the next two decades and in 1965, the Biomedical Sciences Corps was born. Over the past 50 years, the BSC continued to expand its range of personnel to include a wide variety of medically-trained professionals.

To date, the BSC's mission is to enhance Air Force combat capability and effectiveness by providing world-class customer service and scientific expertise, resulting in peak force performance, productivity and quality healthcare to our beneficiary population. Comprised of 15 primary specialty codes, the BSC is the most diverse corps in the Air Force Medical Service. Capitalizing on their breadth of expertise, the BSC motto is: United in the Mission.

With 2,400 officers supported by 5,800 enlisted members in parallel career fields, BSC members can be found at 81 locations around the world and also in multiple settings.

The BSC encompasses physical therapy, optometry, podiatry, physician assistants, audiology, speech pathology, clinical psychology, clinical social work, occupational therapy, aerospace and operational physiology, dietetics, bioenvironmental engineers, public health, medical entomology, pharmacy, biomedical laboratory, healthcare facilities architects/engineers and health and medical physics.

In addition to specialty roles within our medical treatment facilities, BSC officers are embedded within operational units, serve at every level of medical command, and lead on staffs of the MAJCOMs, Forward Operating Agencies and Headquarters Air Force.

Additionally, the Biomedical Sciences Corps is heavily invested in research and a host of other vital roles to meet the demands of the Air Force mission.

Please join the Air Force in celebrating the Biomedical Sciences Corps and recognizing the contributions of these outstanding men and women who dedicate their lives to improving health, maximizing performance and providing trusted medical care to support our most vital resource, our Airmen.

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