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Antiterrorism: It’s everyone’s duty

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- The safety and security of Airmen and families assigned to Peterson Air Force Base is a top priority for leadership. With continued threats of violence in today's world, specifically against the United States citizens and our military members, it has never been more important to remain vigilant and to take appropriate action(s) to address potential threats to our installations, personnel, and resources.

It is vital our assigned military and civilians remain abreast of the general threats as well as staying alert and immediately reporting any suspicious activities. All personnel's awareness and prompt reporting could potentially have a direct impact to thwart an attack not only against the installation and assigned personnel, but also to our country as a whole.

At regular intervals, unit leadership should brief personnel on the general terror threat and periodically remind them to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity, such as the presence of unknown personnel or vehicles acting suspiciously, shady mail parcels and possible surveillance attempts by unfamiliar persons.

Additionally, all 21st Space Wing and mission partner units need to ensure staff and family members are aware of the general threat status in order to stop rumors and prevent unnecessary alarm. The 21st Security Forces Squadron Antiterrorism Office publishes a monthly antiterrorism bulletin intended to educate personnel on antiterrorism prevention procedures, information and associated news for situational awareness.

Information contained within this bulletin is highly encouraged to be distributed by Unit Antiterrorism Representatives to unit personnel as well as their families. It is everyone's duty to stay current on situations, which has the potential to impact our workplace and homes. Staying current, practicing protective measures and reporting suspicious activity will greatly protect those we love most and ensure the 21st SW's mission continues undeterred.

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