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Visitor processing requirements for Peterson AFB

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- I want to sponsor a visitor onto Peterson Air Force Base. What do I need to do?
Peterson's Visitor Control Center provides passes for short and long term visits. All sponsors must direct their non-Department of Defense affiliated guests to the Peterson VCC, where the visitor can be verified and issued a pass. The VCC is also the focal point for functions and special events for guests who do not have DoD affiliation. Only valid DoD ID cardholders are authorized to sponsor visitors onto Peterson AFB. Sponsors accept full responsibility for their visitor's conduct while on base.

The VCC is open from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday. It is adjacent to the west gate off of Airport Road and located directly east of Powers Boulevard. The office is closed on weekends, Air Force Space Command family days and federal holidays. When the office is closed, the sponsor must meet the guest in person at the west gate and the entry controller provides a pass until the office reopens.

What documents are required for a visitor? 
Visitors who are driving a vehicle onto the installation must have a current driver's license, proof of insurance and vehicle registration. Vehicle decals or base stickers are no longer issued or required by the Air Force, but security forces are still charged with ensuring visitors have registered their vehicles in accordance with local laws. The visitor’s identification must be in compliance with the REAL ID Act. To find out if your ID is in compliance with the REAL ID Act, please visit If your ID does not meet the REAL ID Act guidelines, bring another form of government issued ID for verification.

Who can sponsor a visitor onto the installation?

Only valid DoD ID cardholders are authorized to sponsor visitors onto Peterson AFB. This includes active duty military, retirees, reservists, national guard and their family members, or a civilian DoD employee.
Those NOT authorized to sponsor visitors:
· Contractors: With proper identification cards they have base access, but aren't authorized escort authority.
· Civilian retiree cardholders
· Non-DoD personal identity verification holders
· Transportation worker identification credential holders
· DoD privilege cardholders
· Veteran identification cardholders
· Foreign national affiliates with a DoD common access card
· Local pass and cardholders
· Limited exceptions are made for privatized housing residents

How do I get group access for events and special functions?
To host a non-military group from off base, the sponsor must submit a Peterson special event letter, preferably a week in advance, but no later than two days in advance. The letter must alphabetically list visitors’ last and first name, driver's license or identification card number, state of issuance of driver’s license, and date of birth for all guests more than 16 years old. Names on the list MUST match the one on the license or ID. A visitor request letter template for sponsors is available from the VCC. DoD employees and military members are able to sponsor up to 10 individuals at a time.

Once the visitor is cleared they are placed on an Entry Authority List used by the entry controllers at west gate. Visitors are required to produce the driver's license or ID card listed in the access request when proceeding to west gate for entry.

How do guests gain access to visit the Peterson Air & Space Museum?
The Peterson Air & Space Museum visits are by appointment only. If someone wants to visit the base museum, refer to the visitor information located on the museum’s website at Inquirers can also call the museum at 719-556-4915.

What is the procedure for guests conducting business at Peterson?

To conduct business, the authorized sponsor will either have to meet the person at the VCC or send a digitally-signed email from their government account to the security forces organizational e-mail box, 21 SFS/Pass & Registration ( to validate the business visit.

What else do I need to know?
The VCC at the west gate serves an average of 150-200 visitors a day. Guests who bring the necessary, valid paperwork help the process move much faster. It also helps if the guest knows exactly who they are visiting and the location of that person. It is important for guests to know the wait time might be longer due to a high volume of visitors and the time of day they are visiting.

For more information, contact the Peterson VCC at 719-556-6660.

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