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  • 15th Space Surveillance Squadron

    15th Space Surveillance SquadronThe 15th Space Surveillance Squadron operates the Maui Space Surveillance Complex, a strategically-located national asset at the 10,023 foot-summit of Haleakala on the island of Maui, Hawaii. The MSSC is host to small, medium, and large-aperture tracking optics, including the DoD’s largest optical telescope designed
  • Space Delta 2 - Space Domain Awareness (SDA)

    Space Delta 2 (DEL 2) prepares, presents, and fights with assigned and attached forces executing combat-ready Space Domain Awareness operations to maintain freedom of action for US, allied and commercial partners; and to close the kill-chain in order to protect and defend the United States and our allies from attack in, from, and to space.
  • 18th Space Defense Squadron

    The 18th Space Defense Squadron (18 SDS), a component of Space Delta 2, is the U.S. Space Force’s premier Space Domain Awareness squadron and provides and advances a continuous, comprehensive, and combat-relevant understanding of the space situation. The squadron is located at Vandenberg Space Force Base (SFB), California, and executes command and control of the U.S. Space Surveillance Network (SSN) – a global collection of ground and space-based sensors that track all man-made objects in Earth’s orbit.
  • GPS at Schriever SFB

    The Global Positioning System is the world's only global utility.Operated by the dedicated men and women of the 2nd Space Operations Squadron, assigned to Delta 8 and headquartered at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado, GPS is also the world's largest military satellite constellation. The 2nd SOPS performs the command and control mission for the
  • Joint Task Force-Space Defense

    The Joint Task Force-Space Defense’s mission is, in unified action with mission partners, to deter aggression, defend capabilities and defeat adversaries throughout the continuum of conflict in order to maintain space superiority in the U.S. Space Command area of responsibility.

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