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Space Base Delta 1 Environmental Commitment Statement

Peterson SFB

Any notices released are for public viewing and comments in conjunction with local and Air Force and Space Force policies.

Privacy Advisory:
Your comments on this Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) are requested. Letters or other written or oral comments provided may be published in the final EA. As required by law, comments will be addressed in the final EA and made available to the public. Any personal information provided will be used only to identify your desire to make a statement during the public comment period or to fulfill requests for copies of the final EA or associated documents. Private addresses will be compiled to develop a mailing list for those requesting copies of the final EA. However, only the names of the individuals making comments and specific comments will be disclosed. Personal home addresses and telephone numbers will not be published in the final EA.

Public Notices

May 2011: EA general 5-year development component for Peterson AFB
June 2011: Finding of No Significant Impact: General plan, 5-year development component for Peterson AFB

November 2012: Draft environmental assessment

Aug 2016: Final PFC Preliminary Assessment Peterson AFB (revised)

June 2017: Colorado Springs Utilities 2017 Water Quality Report
July 2017: Site Inspection Report of Aqueous Film Forming Foam Areas (Final Document), Part 1 of 2 (Report and Appendix A)
July 2017: Site Inspection Report of Aqueous Film Forming Foam Areas (Final Document), Part 2 of 2 (Appendix B-H)

May 2018: Fountain City Public notice and EECA
June 2018: Widefield EECA
June 2018: 2018 Bio Environmental Water Quality report
June 2018: 2018 Water Quality Report
June 2018: Peterson AFB Public Notice Security
August 2018: EMS CFT Chair Appointment Letter
September 2018: Environmental Commitment Statement
September 2018: Cape Cod Draft EA-September-WEB VIEW.pdf
September 2018: Cape Cod Draft EA-APPENDICES.pdf
November 2018: Private Well Sampling Announcement

April 2019: Peterson AFB Expanded Site Inspection - Phase 2 
May 2019: 2019 Water Quality Report
June 2019: 2019 Environmental Commitment Statement

May 2020: Peterson AFB SWPPP
May 2020: Peterson AFB SWMP
June 2020: 2020 Drinking Water Quality Report
December 2020: Stormwater Sewer Line and Pond EECA Public Notice

April 2021: Peterson AFB SWPPP
June 2021: 2021 Water Quality Report

June 2021: 2021 SSFB Water Quality Report

March 2022: 2022 Water Quality Report

April 2022: Prescribed Burn Notice

June 2022: EPA Health Advisory for PFAS-PFOA

October 2022: Peterson SFB Draft Environmental Assessment and Draft FONSI 7 Oct 2022

October 2022: Peterson SFB Draft EA and Draft FONSI Memo

August 2022: Schriever SFB - 2022 Drinking Water Quality Report

March 2023: Maui Space Surveillance Complex Phase 1 Work Plan

March 2023: Peterson SFB and CMSFS 2023 Water Quality Report

March 2023: CMSFS - Notice of Community Interest Assessment, Proof of Advertisement

March 2023: Schriever SFB - Notice of Community Interest Assessment, Proof of Advertisement

Schriever SFB

The Schriever Space Force Base Environmental Management Office is dedicated to providing outstanding environmental stewardship while assisting SSFB to accomplish its mission. This section includes various documents and information to increase public awareness on SSFB’s environmental programs and initiatives. For questions, please feel free to reach out to the Environment Office using the contact information located on this page.

Environmental Commitment Statement:
Schriever SFB under the Peterson-SchrieverGarrison IAW AFI 32-7001 shall:

  • Strive for continual improvement of our environmental performance
  • Comply with applicable legal requirements and other relevant requirements related to SSFB’s environmental aspects
  • Identify significant impacts and risks when establishing environmental objectives and targets that affect accomplishment of the Garrison’s mission
  • Integrate environmental information into planning and decision making across all organizational missions, activities, and functions
  • Reduce waste generation and the release of toxic chemicals through innovative pollution, effective facility management, and sound acquisition and procurement practices
  • Promote conservation and sustainable management of installation lands


  • Create a stewardship of Cultural Resources to update all archaeological and historical building surveys and improve relationships with tribal nations across the region
  • Reduce Colorado Springs Municipal Waste by maintaining a Qualified Recycling Program, and using collected funds to improve moral and environmental aspects across the Installation
  • Improve El Paso County Air Quality through implementation of best management practices and education of SSFB personnel

Integrated Natural Resources Management Plans:

Schriever SFB Contact Info

Recycling and Waste:
(719) 567-4028
(719) 567-3910
(719) 567-3360

Air Quality:
(719) 567-3910

Hazardous Materials:
(719) 567-3944

Hazardous Waste:
(719) 567-3910

Water Quality:
(719) 567-3394

Cultural/Natural Resources:
(719) 567-3361

Tanks and Petroleum Oils/Lubricants:
(719) 567-4028

(719) 567-4028

Environmental Chief
(719) 567-3944